Marketing solutions

Marketing solutions

" Marketing goals did not change, only the tools and methods to achieve them. In Maxprogress the focus is on achieving a maximum impact through precise planning and transparent management of the advertising campaign. "

Zdravko Genchev

Overall marketing solutions and studies

MAXPROGRESS Ltd. produces and applies the overall marketing strategies to position your trade marks:

  • Introduction of new products or services: developing a concept, brand design, positioning.
  • Optimization of operating strategies to increase sales of the company.
  • Advice for start up and development of the brand. Marketing consulting and business planning.
  • Creative
  • Viral marketing
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  • Advertising and marketing on the Display Network
    Можем да ви изненадаме с иновативни, интересни и ефективни решения за присъствието им с банер реклама в онлайн пространството. We can surprise you with innovative, interesting and effective solutions for their presence with banner advertising online. Online advertising is powerful tool to achieve marketing objectives of the brands we work. Display advertising provides numerous solutions for positioning your brand and have a significant impact on sales by allowing remarketing - making chasing consumer campaigns.
  • Overall online marketing strategy
    Each one of them begins its life by detailed research and analysis to optimize internet presence of each customer, consistent with his current business needs. The main burden falls on the idea to drive and gave density of the brand online and pointed it to the correct communication channels. Finish line of each strategy is reserved for the analysis of campaign results and recommendations for the celebration of the more impressive achievements in the future projects for the client.
  • Marketing in the social networks
    Development of your Brands depends on their performance in digital social networks and Maxprogress provides to their customers tips and techniques for how this is happening in the most professional and efficient manner. Maxprogress creates profiles in social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, Linked In and in all specialized social networks.We can offer you generating and moderating the content in them, promoting their advertising platforms, recruiting fans to your pages. Complete servicing and monitoring of the new trends. Production of viral marketing in social networks.
  • Media planning and buying
    Advertising market is becoming more dynamic and complex. Finding the right channels to sell your products and services is a precise task which specialists from Maxprogress can take today. Customers can fully trust the professional preparation of media plan, consistent with the objectives of their campaign.