Website Design Online Store

Website Design Online Store

Website Design Online Store

"Online shopping and online stores have many advantages and they are a great way to develop your business or starting a new one. If they are made properly and fall into the exact target audience, their success is from satisfactory up to very large. This is true already and to global, European and in particular Bulgarian markets. Online shops provided by MAXPROGRESS are characterized by well optimized and simplified, but rich functionality."

Zdravko Genchev


Numerous ready and free design and free unique design on your online store

Easier editor to change the design, by which you have the option to change the design or apply themes by season, holiday or a specific promotion without you require any specific . technical knowledge or experience. 

A stylish presentation of your products in order to high the conversion and to increase sales.

Mobile version for smartphones and tablets чрез by Adaptive Design / Responsive Design/ 

Advertising banners with promotional products and advertising banners on the homepage with various modern impressive animations  

Cash on delivery, Epay, EasyPay, PayPal payments, and many other international and national payment methods

The online store is optimized for search engines Google, Yandex and other as covering modern requirements for optimization of international experts

Multiple modules and free tools for implementing of the marketing and increase sales 

Free Hosting and free installation,Individual trainings for working and developing

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